The paintings below are available from the artist.

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"Rural Route"

"Secret Clearing"

"All Is One - II"

"Autumn Hay Field"



"Wine Time"


"Mouse Crossing"

"Hiking the Hollow"

"Michigan Vineyard"

"Sun Drawn"




"Sunset Picnic"

"A Walk In The Woods"

"The Artist"

"Michigan Marsh"


"Dune Woods"




"Beckoning II"

"Soul Mates"

"Last Light"

"Blue Moon"

"Monday's Rose"

"Singing Winds Welcome"

"3 Bare Chairs"


"Porch Blossoms"

"Wild Field's Edge"

"Secret Garden"


"Stepping Stones"


"November Interlude"

"Dappled Beech"


"Garden Gazebo"

"Iris Mist"

"355 in Lavender"

"Coffee Creek Gold"

"Garden of the Gods"

"Spring Cranes"



"God's Messenger"

"No Fishing"

"The Gathering"


"Water Lily"


"Winter's Night"

"Hunter's Beech"


"End of Day"


"Morning Light"

"Misty Morning Lake"

"Calumet Morning"

"Gypsy Blue"

"Falling Sunlight"

"Water Window"

"Cedar Falls"

"Creek Bend"

"Harvest Oak"




"Wetland Bouquet"

"Reclining Nude"

"Fuds' Field"

"Wolf Cave Creek II"

"Red Hollyhocks"

"Deep River Path"

"Snipe Hollow Hay Field"

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