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"Dune Path"

"Rippled Light"

"Creekside Pasture"

"Rocky Mountain High"


"River Sculpture"

"Island Punt"

"Japanese Tea Room"

"All Is One"

"Apple Blossoms"

"Forest Sentinel"

"Beach Walk"


"Dune Set"

"Silver Light"

"Main St."


"Skirting the Meadow"

"North End"

"Sun Spots"

"Woodland Paths"

"Shadows of Winter"

"Winter Quiet"



"The Old Post Office"

"Chicago Lights"

"Time Exposure"

"Home Grown"

"Spring Passage"



"Stone Myst"


"Dune Ridge"

"Skye Path"

"Joy to the World"

"Morning Meditation"




"Lost Lines"

"Path to the Beach"

"Saugatuck Harbor"


"Water Map"

"Law & Order"

"Shared Sunset"

"Walking the Dog"

"Dune at Sunset"

"Beach Grass"

"Sun Map"

"The Coming Storm"

"On Deck"


"Mother & Child"

"Brush of Winter"

"Around the Bend"


"Follow the Leader"

"The Walk"

"Misty Morning Crossing"

"Winter Creek"

"Winter Reflection II"

"October Morning"


"Fetch !"

"Ruby Undertones"


"Beach Blowout"

"Trail 9"

"Savanna Wetland"


"Light & Shadows"

"December Solitude"


"The Path Taken"

"Old Mill Site"


"Snipe Hollow Snow"




"Deep River Crossing"

"After The Storm"

"Kauai Sunset"


"Long Lake"

"Big Blowout"

"Red on Blue"

"Winona Canal"


"Sun Dance"


"Morning Walk"

"Lake View"

"Waves Of Grain"

"Snow Cones"

"Morning Blush"

"Morning Gossip"

"Blue Heron"


"Coffee Creek Buzz"

"Dangling Conversation"

"Spring Break"

"Cedars At Sunset"

"Chicago Skyline"


"Brush of Color"

"Halcyon Days"

"Geese-Dappled Pond"


"Lake Effect"

"Oak Savanna View"

"Devil's Ladder Decay"

"Cloud Nine"

"Autumn Gathering"

"Michigan Morning"

"Garden Triptych"

"Pearl Ravine"

"The Red Book"

"Garden Oasis"

"Morning Meadow"

"Kauai View"

"Red Hibiscus"

"Pink Hibiscus"

"Old Schoolhouse Shop"


"September Shade"

"Hidden Meadow"

"November Blowout"

"Lightness of Being"

"Morning Path"

"Singing Winds Oak"

"Saugatuck Bay"

"Spring Apple Blossom"

"Jack & Jill"

"Bridge View"


"Misty Morning Fields"

"Solstice Solitude"

"Pink Dogwood"

"Vermont Rush Hour"

"Turkey Run Hollow"

"Orchard Sunlight"

"Dunes Outpost"

"Saugatuck Sunset"

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